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Outrigger Warranty for Awning Installations

Fabric Warranty

Outrigger awnings are manufactured from premium grade tensile fabric. A tensile fabric is one which has a high strength inner core which eliminates stretch and sag over the entire life of the awning or sail.

Outrigger mainly utilises three types of fabric. The first type is Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 PVC. This is a premium grade rainproof fabric manufactured in France. It comes with a 5 year manufacturer backed warranty for retracting awnings and a 10 year limited warranty for fixed awnings made from Precontraint 502, however the expected life of a Ferrari pvc awning or sail is 18 to 20 years. Ferrari pvc has a top quality coating which repels dirt and stains, and it will not attract mould or mildew. For details please read Serge Ferrari’s 5 year guarantee and 10 year warranty documents.

The second type of fabric is Ferrari Soltis92 pvc mesh. This is a premium grade shade fabric also manufactured in France which also has a 5 year manufacturer backed warranty. Soltis92 has the ability to absorb and reflect up to 97% of the sun’s rays, providing exceptional heat and light control. It will offer protection from light rain however heavier rain will permeate through the fabric as a light mist. The expected life of a Soltis92 awning or sail is 12 to 15 years. Soltis92 will not attract mould or mildew and will maintain a much cleaner appearance than most shade fabrics due to its smooth surface.

The third type of fabric is Outlook or Vistaweave pvc coated yarn. Both these fabrics are high quality pvc coated yarns offering approx. 95% shade cover. Both fabrics come with a 5 year manufacturer backed warranty and have an expected life of 12 to 15 years.

Fabric Stitching and Welding Warranty

Rainproof fabrics, i.e Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 or 702 pvc, are welded to ensure our awnings are watertight and shade fabrics are stitched with high quality thread. Stitching and fabric welds do not affect the integrity of the material and are covered by an Outrigger warranty of the same duration as the fabric warranty i.e 5 years.

Pole and Fitting Warranty

The fittings used to tension our awnings will be either stainless steel turnbuckles, Ronstan yacht fittings, or a custom designed and fabricated component. All Outrigger fabricated components are designed, engineered and manufactured in Outrigger’s factory in Brookvale. Outrigger offer a 5 year warranty on all poles, frame, and manufactured fittings.

Motor Warranty

The warranty offered on awning motors and electronic components is for 12 months.

Installation Warranty

Outrigger offers a 3 year warranty on all workmanship, awning assembly and the installation.

Wind Rated Structure

Outriggers awnings are wind rated structures. They are designed to minimise the load applied to the building, and all installations are engineered to withstand a specified wind strength. For permanent sails and awnings the wind rating is 140 km/h. For the Sydney area this is classified as a Category One structure and is what most houses are designed to. For small to medium retracting awnings the wind rating is 100 km/h, and for larger retracting awnings the wind rating is 80 km/h.


Although your awning has been designed to withstand strong winds and can be left up for extended periods of time, when high winds are forecast retracting awnings should be wound in. Occasionally gale force winds hit and cause damage such as bent poles, branches falling on awnings, tiles blowing off roofs and cutting awnings etc. This sort of damage is not covered by Outriggers warranty, however it is usual for it to be covered by your house and building insurance if you include the awning in your insurance policy.

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