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Awning Info

Operating Instructions

Owning and maintaining an Outrigger awning is not difficult. All Outrigger awnings are manufactured from premium grade fabrics and fittings. They are designed to be exceptionally durable and with periodic maintenance will maintain an awning clean and tidy appearance for many years.

To assist with the decision to purchase an awning we have prepared operating sail awning instruction and maintenance instructions for the following awning styles;

Our awning styles can broadly be classified as;

  1. Sail awnings which can be manufactured to almost any shape and size. A sail awning is a lightweight fabric structure with minimal structure. They are free form in appearance and are usually tensioned at each corner with either a turnbuckle or a pulley system.

    Sail Awnings Operating Instructions

  2. Retracting awnings which are typically rectangular in shape, however they can be manufactured to a wide range of shapes, or even as retracting sails. Retracting awnings can be manually operated by a winch or crank, of fully motorised.

    Manual Retracting Awnings Operating Instructions 
    Motorised Retracting Awning Operating Instructions

  3. Batten awnings which can be manufactured to almost any shape and size. Outrigger invented and patented the batten awning which is manufactured like a traditional battened yacht sail. The fabric houses full length aluminium battens which can be straight, pitched, or curved.

    Batten Awning Operating Instructions

  4. Side screens which are generally viewed as a vertical sail or awning that is either fixed or retracting.

    Side Screen Operating Instructions

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