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Outriggers Awnings Australia Company Profile

Outrigger Awnings is an Australian company, and all awnings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia using the best available fabrics and materials. Outrigger Awnings has been designing and manufacturing custom designed awnings since 1994.

Our goal is to produce quality fabric structures that stand the test of time.

What we aim to provide is:


An Outrigger Awning installation is designed to be stylish, robust, and reliable. All our awnings are manufactured in Australia and utilise stainless steel yacht fittings for awning tension and adjustment. An Outrigger awning is a fully engineered structure. This is your guarantee that an Outrigger awning won’t damage your home or property and will last an exceptionally long time.


Our aim is to provide a quality product at a fair and reasonable price. An Outrigger awning can range from $200 per square metre for a simple shade awning or sail without poles and frame, up to more than $1000 per square metre for a complex motorised sail with poles and frame.

Outrigger manufactures two distinct product lines. We have our custom designed awnings and our made to order awnings. A custom designed awning will have unique poles, supports, and fabric design. A made to order awning will utilise standard poles and fittings, and a range of fabric sizes that go up in 20cm increments. The cost of a made to order awning is typically 20 to 40% less than a custom designed awning.


Outrigger has a long history of innovation. The company launched its first awning in 1994 and in 1996 was granted an Australian patent for the batten awning design. In 1998 we designed our first retracting awning and by 2004 we were manufacturing our own motorised retracting awning mechanism. In 2007 we developed a unique side screen system which offers the ultimate solution for robust and durable weather sealed clear pvc side screens. Every Outrigger awning benefits from 20 years of design and manufacturing experience and the knowledge gained from over 3000 installations.


Outrigger recognise the importance of sustainability. An Outrigger awning will improve the environmental efficiency of your home, by shielding your windows and doors from the direct sun, by reducing the radiant heat entering your home  from tiles and paved areas, and by encouraging you to open up your home and use your outdoor areas, rather than stay indoors with the air conditioning on.

All Outrigger awnings utilise pvc and polyester based fabrics that are manufactured in a sustainable process, for example Ferrari pvc fabrics are fully recyclable and the only waste product from manufacturing is salt.


We supply awnings and sails to almost any shape, size, and colour. A fully custom designed awning will have unique poles, supports, and fabric design, while a made to order awning will offer substantial cost savings for a semi custom design. We enjoy working with customers, builders, and architects on new and innovative projects. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and experience to always come up with a workable shade solution.

We also offer flexibility in the services we offer. From supply only, to design, manufacture, and installation, we will provide the level of service you require.


As we design and manufacture all of our awnings and sails, we can offer a very high level of service and availability.

Our custom designed awnings are offered with a 4 to 8 week delivery.


We have been in the business of manufacturing awnings and sails for nearly 20 years. It is all we do, and our goal is to make the highest quality awnings and sails. Outrigger has an excellent reputation and we receive over 70% of our work through word of mouth recommendations.

It is vitally important to engineer awning and sail installations. The wind load on a fabric structure can be large and is different to what would normally apply to your home. All Outrigger designs are checked by a qualified engineer and we fully guarantee all our installations and designs.


We pride ourselves on being a responsive company. We listen to our customer queries and requests and we endeavour to come up with a solution. When our awnings require servicing and repairs we have our team of installers available to send out on short notice. And as we are the designer, manufacturer and installer we have extensive knowledge of the product and its capabilities.

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