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Poles and Fittings

Outrigger Poles
Outrigger custom design all the poles required for every installation. Outrigger generally manufacture poles from aluminium, galvanised steel, or stainless steel, however poles can also be fabricated from brass, carbon fibre, or titanium. Standard poles can be either square or round section. Custom poles can be ‘I’ section, ‘T’ section, or elliptical, and may be tapered if required. Standard pole sizes vary from 40mm to 200mm diameter.

Aluminium poles are offered with a powdercoat finish with over 160 colours available. Galvanised steel poles are offered with either a powdercoat or a painted finish. Stainless steel poles are finished with a No. 4 polish and are then passivated.

Outrigger poles have a solid machined top cap. All pole fittings are marine grade stainless steel yacht fittings. Outrigger have over 150 different designs for supporting poles.

Outrigger Frames
An Outrigger frame is an essential component of many awning and sail installations as most houses are not designed to take the horizontal tension load applied by a sail. To overcome this Outrigger custom design frames to blend in unobtrusively with many sail and awning installations.

Outrigger manufacture frames from aluminium, galvanised steel, or stainless steel. However as for poles, frames can also be fabricated from brass, carbon fibre, or titanium, and a huge range of standard and custom sections are available.

Outrigger Supporting Arms for awnings and sails
For installations when poles are not suitable, Outrigger often manufacture supporting arms. The main advantage of arms is they do not fall into the line of view when the awning or sail is extended. And for retracting awnings and sails, the arms lie adjacent to a wall when the awning is retracted, and are virtually out of sight. The disadvantage is Outrigger supporting arms are not suitable for all installations.

Outrigger Tension Systems
Stainless steel turnbuckles are used for sails and awnings that are left up permanently. Outrigger utilise marine grade 316 stainless on all installations. Outrigger’s unique pulley system is used on sails and awnings that are non-permanent and likely to be set up and taken down more than twice a year. The pulley system utilises Ronstan Yacht fittings and where possible is set up as an internal system inside a pole.

Outrigger Retracting Mechanisms
Most Outrigger retracting awnings are manually operated. Smaller awnings utilise a marine grade rope with a unique tension lever. Larger awnings are tensioned with a stainless steel cable winch. Electronic motor control is available for awnings that will be set up and retracted on a daily basis.

Manual operation is the more durable alternative for awnings that will be left out for extended periods, and also enables the awnings to be left out in heavy rain and high winds.

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