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Three sided sails

Outrigger Awnings provide the perfect solution for protection against the elements with stylish and unobtrusive three-sided sails. Triangular Sails allow you to control the sun and wind while creating an attractive and comfortable environment. These sails are custom-made by Outrigger Awnings to any shape, size and colour, providing endless possibilities. Marine grade stainless steel hardware and aluminium fittings give additional confidence in their durability, plus the sail can be demountable and height adjustment is available if required.

All Outrigger Sails are constructed using exceptionally strong tensile fabric, making them ideal for gardens, courtyards, and decks and balconies. Outrigger Awnings will provide the perfect solution for complete protection against the sun, wind, and rain. Whether you need summer shade or winter shelter, these sails will have you covered!

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